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Examining Elizabeth Warren’s Political Identity: Is She Really a Rose? — An Appendix

I have been feeling compelled, while resisting the compulsion to write an appendix to my articles on Elizabeth Warren —“Examining Elizabeth Warren’s Political Identity: Is She Really a Rose?” and “Can the Mainstream Media See Elizabeth Warren Clearly?” Although there has been an uptick in skepticism from the left media, many continue to promote the idea that it’s unhinged to compare her to Hillary Clinton, her advisor, and Bernie is clearly better; and the idea that they are different by degree. The two articles are deliberately limited in their scope in terms of their examination of Warren’s record. In response a number of supporters defend her record by attempting to undermine the limited complaints laid out, as if doing so erases all of her negative history. There remain several aspects of her biography, which seriously contradict her portrayal and make fully clear that Warren and Bernie have completely separate political projects.

Foreign Policy

Much of Warren’s legal work was for large corporations against consumers or individuals


  • In Two Income Trap advocated school vouchers.

Has been supported by at least 30 billionaires in her political career. Among them:

  • Marc & Lynne Benioff

CEOs and Executives from these companies have donated to Warren, or she received significant contributions from employees:

  • Alphabet Inc. — Google parent company, includes

-Fiber — cable alternative

-Verily — healthcare research

-Calico — healthcare research

-GV — venture capital

-Google Capital — equity investment firm

-DeepMind — AI research

-Titan Aerospace — solar powered drones

  • AT&T — telecommunications conglomerate

High dollar fundraisers held to fund her presidential run by

  • Meyer S. Frucher — vice chairman at NASDAQ


Talking about the middle class vs the working class

“America was once a world of three economic groups that shaded each unto the other — a bottom, a middle, and a top — and economic security was the birthright of all those who could make it to the middle. Today the lines dividing America are changing. No longer is the division on economic security between the poor and everyone else. The division is between those who are prospering and those who are struggling, and now much of the middle class is on the struggling side.”

“The people who are filing for bankruptcy in increasing numbers every year, it’s not the poorest. It’s not the people at the economic fringes. It’s people who worked hard and played by the rules.”

H/t to Aimee Terese and @philosorob

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